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Charles R. Swindoll once said "If I ever wrote a book on preaching, it would contain three words: Preach the Word. Get rid of all the other stuff that gets you sidetracked; preach the Word." Week in and week out our gifted and studied pastors and leaders seek to glorify Jesus and him alone from the pulpit. The word of God is our testimony and power to live a fully devoted, loving, and abuntant life through Jesus Christ. This is the mantle and purpose conveyed from the pulpit each week at Crossroads. Below you will find our videos and audio sermons. We pray that they will impact you and move you to becoming more of a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ!

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Grace City is a House who values greatly the connections made not only within the church but outside in the community. Social media is a great place to gather together, share mission and vision, and connect deeply. Visit us online to join these connections. The Sunday service is streamed live on Facebook every week, and available to watch during the week.